Understanding human behavior;

i.e., What “really” motivates people to make referrals;


Having a practical plan of action;

i.e. One that can be executed reliably and without a ton of working capital; and


Getting off your ass and taking action on your “plan of action”;

Because a plan of action that doesn’t get acted upon is a bullshit waste of time.

I don’t have time to waste on BULLSHIT.
And neither do you.

So here’s what we’re going to do.
Pure & simple…

We’re going to meet at 9 am on May 4th in Lake Las Vegas, NV.

AAQ's (Anticipated to be Asked Questions)

By 5pm on May 6 you’re going to have taken action on twelve proven tactics that will begin producingprofitable,predictable and profitable referrals in the coming days, weeks, months. And unless you totally fuck this up after you go home, the work we do together will keep producing reliable referrals for you for years to come.

Then instead of debating whether or not it’s going to work, why it works, how it works, and all the other bullshit that time wasting losers love to talk about, we’re going to tell you exactly what to do…and right there & then you’re going to do it.

Getting more referrals for your law firm is fairly straightforward and simple.
And it has practically nothing to do with how great of a lawyer you are.

I’m going to teach you twelve proven tactics you can implement to trigger referrals for your law firm.


MAY 4 & 5, 2017



What’s the “average” new case or matter worth to your firm?

Now here's what you have to do to get it:



Let’s say $5,000.

And let’s say this ONLY produces two or three new matters per year

X ONLY the next two or three years = $45,000.

OK so I know you want it.

You have a friend who thinks you’re worth sharing one of their 3 free tickets with to participate in this workshop.  This means your friend believes in you.  Because if you show up, and you’re a loser, it’s going to reflect badly on your buddy.  And the Members of How To Manage a Small Law Firm know better than to show-up and vouch for an excuse-making loser

So the point is, the very fact that your friend thinks highly-enough of you to share this opportunity with you should indicate to you that there exists an opportunity for the two of you to collaborate together and get more referrals!

Which is actually the first lesson for you about how to trigger more referrals for your law firm.  There are an absolute TON of opportunities all around you, under your nose and right in front of your face.  Except law school blinds us to these opportunities.

1)- You have to fill out the form below to RSVP for your free ticket

2)- You have to put-up a seat deposit which you will get back the minute you show-up and sign-in;

3)- You have to show-up and sign-in, and hopefully bring a winning attitude so we can help you kick some ass!

Pay My Refundable Deposit & Save My Seat!

Q.  I know I can get my ticket for free, but what is the regular retail price for a workshop like this?

A. $5,000 for non-members; $3,500 for current members.

Q. You said this is “FREE”.  What’s this I heard about a $1,000 Seat Deposit?

A. In order to ensure that you are truly committed to show-up and participate in this all-action workshop we require you to put up a $1,000, 100% Refundable Seat Deposit.  The minute you sign-in we will hand you a check for $1,000.  If you blow this off we will pocket the money and blow it on something fun.

Q. “What’s my friend getting out of it to be sure I show-up for this workshop?”

A. Your friend is already a Member of the How to Manage a Small Law Firm community.  So they know we don’t fuck around when it comes to helping lawyers make more money and building a better business. 

Your friend believes in us.  And your friend believes in you. 

So instead of charging $3,500, we made the “price” of this workshop for your friend, that they have to bring three qualified potential new additions to our Community.

More specifically, we told them flat-out that if they can’t find three lawyers to share this valuable experience with then your friend will have to sit in the corner outside pondering what a bunch of losers all of their other friends are.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get in.     

But if your friend can’t find two other lawyers besides you, who are committed-enough to building a better business, then your friend will need to find better friends who will be a more positive influence on themselves, and on you!

Because you can’t soar with eagles if you’re wasting time pecking around with turkeys. 

Q. Is this just going to be a chance for you to “pitch” your services, RJon?

A. I’m not going to have time to pitch anything.  I’m going to be quite busy teaching the group how to make your business more profitable. And I’m going to hope you’re going to be smart-enough to want to learn more about How to Manage a Small Law Firm once you get a very profitable free taste of what we’re all about.  

Q. Does my friend REALLY have only three free tickets to give-out?

A. Yes, it’s 3 free tickets per Member. (this is actually part of the lesson for your friend to learn ;-)

Q. You say “Qualified” potential new members for How to Manage a Small Law Firm.  What exactly do you mean by that RJon?  

A. First of all you should be somewhat entrepreneurial and motivated.  You should have a compelling reason in your life to make your law firm more profitable, with more predictable revenues and turn it into more of a business that can run without you having to be in the office all the livelong day.  

You should be the sort of person who isn’t afraid to prove to yourself that something does work, instead of wasting your life away debating whether or not it could work.  

Obviously you should not be a tight-ass who gets bent out of shape by the use of colorful language when required to make a point to an audience that’s desperately trying to avoid learning a lesson that will help them have a better life. 

You should be the owner of your own solo or small law firm.  Or you can be related to your partner (spouses, siblings, etc.) 

You may also qualify if you don’t yet have your own law firm up & running but you are really serious about getting it on wheels and profitable in the next 3-6 months. 

Q. Can I bring my spouse or significant-other, or an assistant to help me?

A. Yes.  You won’t need any help, but you can bring one support person if it makes you feel better.

Q. Will there be homework to prepare?

A. Yes. We’ll send you a list. It’s all pretty basic stuff. If it takes you more than an hour to prepare that will be another important lesson for you to fix in your business.

Q. When will I get to know the location?

A. As we get closer to the date, we’ll determine which facility to use based on rsvp’s. Regardless you’ll still fly in & out from Miami International Airport and you won’t need to rent a car unless you want to stick around to do some sightseeing afterward.

Q. What if I can’t make this date?

A. Then you'll miss out, and your friend might miss-out too.

Q. What if I found this website by accident, and I don’t know any Members of How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm, can I just pay my way in?

A. No.

At this 2 day workshop Rjon Robins will take you through all the human behavior science and practical applications thereof to cause your clients, former clients and other people in your network to actively, reliably and quite predictably make lots of great referrals. Referrals are usually better than “cold” prospects for many obvious reasons.

What would it be worth to your business if you could trigger even just one “extra” referral per month? Stop and consider the practical benefits to you of learning how to make that happen. Key word being “make” as opposed to “hope”.

The regular price for this workshop is $3500, however the ticket price for you is FREE! It cost you nothing. However since seats are very limited, we require all participants to provide a FULLY REFUNDABLE $1000 seat deposit.  That’s right, when you arrive to the workshop we’ll hand you a check for the full $1000


Pay My Refundable Deposit & Save My Seat!
Pay My Refundable Deposit & Save My Seat!